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Posted on 2020-10-04 on OH.MG.

Well it's been eight months since I was last in Barcelona, thank you COVID-19 for that.

I managed to find some really good deals on train tickets and also on a hotel, so I came down for a short stay. Went through my restaurant list that I always do and no jokes I've never been happier.

Took a walk yesterday to get some cloths from Primarni at Plaça de Catalunya, racked up a good step count in the process.

Today however, I'm just chilling a bit in the hotel, trying to get my things together to get pre-packed for the long trip back. Of course I hit the métro at both ends in peak rush hour, so clearly I planned this well.

Been watching Kaja on the cameras, before she used to enjoy her time alone, we had that kind of relationship. But now since I've been home a lot it seems that not being there is really screwing up her routine, so I catch her howling on camera more than she's ever done.

I think next time I might have to send her to somebody since she's now quite dependant on having somebody around in the background.

For those interested, here is the restaurant list (mainly in el Poblenou).

La Taqueria

Mexican restaurant with three locations, but this is the one that is closest to where I usually stay. Literally never gone wrong with anything from here, literally a new institution for those I bring there.

Petit Bangkok

Great Thai restaurant, quite busy so if you go in prime Spanish eating times you'll need to reserve in advance, portions quite big and great value.


Found this one by chance, great Indian food, more so that I've had to accept French Indian food has zero spice.

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