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Reconnecting The Old

One of the things we're currently doing here is reorganising space, which in a Parisian appartment that is a whole 10m², this is a bit of a required thing when you have two inside.

As this is happening, it's not unusual for things to come out of their hiding places, such as the 200 or so Commodore games I have. Or my personal favourite Monkey Island for Amiga.


I have fond memories of playing these games and god knows since I still own a BBS the old way of doing things is clearly my jam.


There is a something brilliant about the whole thing of this gaming era, where the art on the box was usually much better than the game itself. But the simplicity of it all, none of this pay to play bullshit, just connect and go.

To be fair, I have a Nintendo 3DS, there are things I like about it but also on the same terms, I haven't gone to a store to buy a physical game since I got it. Since Nintendo Store sells games online, you download and go. No physical cards to touch, no renting games from a video store, the whole shazam as it were.

I plan on getting these systems up and I think one of my Itsy Bitsy Domains will be the one to take on the data.



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