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Short Domain Heaven

I appear to be in a short domain roll at the moment, after getting vx.sg in to the fold of my other two (ec.je and cw.nf), I have managed to find ao.tc and ax.pe.

So far I have set up AO.TC with a redirect to here, I think I'll be making a section about my collection of older computers and that sort of thing. Having not really thought it through, I'm sure I'll even out the plan.

For AX.PE, I haven't really planned anything but since the email side isn't linked in to a particular secure email provider I can be a bit more flexible with the email on this domain.

I'm thinking that basically, in some level I will be using these domains to replace some of the top level registrations I've made. Especially for things that don't really need it. It probably also means that I can start moving ec.je in to a more professional domain as it accidently became that.

Obviously I do really need to be thinking these things through much better before I do them, but hey ho, we all can't be great at everything.



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